How do I mention someone in my story on Instagram?

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How do I mention someone in my story on Instagram?

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"Instagram stories play an important role in publicity, appreciation, marketing, promotion, and everything in between. A few years back Insta has introduced this feature and now it got much popularity everywhere. You can share your mood, songs, videos, photos, memories, and everything you want using various filters and emoji’s.

Do you know that you can easily mention someone in your story? The purpose of this is the appreciation or marketing of something. This is also a gesture of love and care. But many people have this confusion that how to mention someone in the stories? Now I am going to solve this query. You simply have to follow the given steps below and your problem will be solved.

How to Mention Someone in Stories?[/b]

Follow the simple and quick process to mention someone in your story. Lets go down!
•Navigate to Your Insta account.
•Swipe left to add a story or Hit the above option to add a story.
•Take a picture or make a video or select anything from the camera roll.
•Then open the Text tool and write the username of someone with @ in the start. Now you can see that persons profile. Tap and select that.
•Now hit the done icon and Share your story with your friends and followers.

Moreover, when you mention someone in your story, anyone can see the name, and when someone hit the name he can visit that persons profile. You can mention up to 10 people in your story. But another person cannot [url=gramvio/com/instagram-story-viewer/]story downloader private in its gadget.

The person that you mention the name in the story can get the notification in their inbox that someone mentioned you in his story. When that person will click the story he will also get the option to add a story to your profile. In this way, the next person can also repost your story.

So, this is a simple process to mention someone in the story. This method is really quick and easy. I hope you will understand everything easily. Still, if you have further queries, you can share with us in the comment section below.

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Re: How do I mention someone in my story on Instagram?

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